Who doesn’t like floating on the water, with family and close friends….in AWESOME outfits!!! We want you to! and help us with a COVID friendly fundraiser that helps the future of our kids! 

Welcome to the first annual Pleasant Hill Education Foundation Virtual GOAT FLOAT!!!

Break out your family friendly sunglasses, Billie gear, costumes, and swimwear…dust off that tube, float, boat, barge, or seaworthy vessel and go float your favorite body of water! Start taking pictures of some memories that we all want to see! Whatever Floats your Goat!

Pictures don’t need to be current; we KNOW there are some vintage pictures that have not graced the internet! Many prizes for different categories: Billie Pride, Family Pic, Group Shot, Most Creative, Yesteryear, and fan favorite!  All you need to do is register and email your pictures of your Goat Float anytime from 8/31/20 – 9/8/20 to janderson@phillfoundation.org.

Be creative, Be fun and most of all Be SAFE during your GOAT Float!!!

Don't want to float?  No worries, feel free sign up as an "Escape Goat" to donate to PHEF.



Event Info

August 31, 2020
12:00 PM (PDT)